Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Street view of the Ruins of St. Paul, Macau

Our favorite place to visit in Macau is The Ruins of St. Paul. We love this place not because of the historical ruins but the streets and its lively environment. No doubt, the place is still an important tourist spot, but it is also a lovely neighborhood for the local.

1. In the middle of the road to the ruin, there is a tiny garden for people to meet up and gather.

2. Whenever you see a shop selling colorful t-shirts like this, that indicates the area is a tourist spot.

3. In the evening time, you will hear the bell rang and observed the students walking down the street.

4. Tired of walking? Call up a tricycle.

5. It is a nice place to shop, you can bring home a lots of delicious titbits from here.

6. The local people who stay nearby the ruins are already used to the crowd.
They setup a reflective window to reserve the privacy.

7. Away from the main street, we walked into the neighborhood.

8. We enjoy the peace walking down the side track.

9. Across the streets like this makes us feel like visiting Netherlands.
10. Enjoying shooting photo? Please don't just stay at the casino.

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