Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A trip to Hatyai, Thailand

The first weekend of June 2011, I went to Hatyai with my friends and family. Hatyai is a city of Songkhla province at South Thailand.We depart from Penang Island around 10am at a lovely Saturday morning, reached Hatyai about 2pm. The traffic was so jam at the journey to the North. Because, that day was Malaysia Agong's birthday.

1. Early morning 9am, the driver is already waiting outside the door.
The van with label 'Bas Persiaran' can take around 10 person.

2. This is the lobby of Diamond Plaza Hotel, the hotel that accommodates us. 

3. Chedi Thaimongkhon, we call it stainless steel temple, the whole cone root is made of stainless steel.

4. There is a small platform outside of the stainless steel temple used for meditation.

5. I love the sunshine after rain, makes you feel windy but warm.

6. Khonghae, or we call it floating market.

7. You can have various local food over there, as low as 20 baht per item.

8. Night market besides the Lee Garden. We have foot massage over there.

9. Early morning, if you walk around the morning market, you will observed a lots of monk over there.
They are there solicit for alms, and you will see believers offering food to them.

10. We commonly find a lots of Tuk-tuk over there, it is taxi at Hatyai.
This small little blue van can take up to 8 person, amazing.

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