Sunday, June 12, 2011

Traditional Chinese Opera

Early of June, we have a celebration for God of Jee Pek(二伯爺)near by perak road in Penang, Malaysia. The authority members of the temple will usually setup a stage performing either traditional chinese opera or live band singing.

1. A father and his daughter are sitting together watching the traditional chinese opera.

2. If you can't understand what we sing, don't worry, we got the subtitle now.

3. Nowadays, there are not much people enjoy the traditional opera now compare to old days.
We rather watching youtube at home.

4. They claim that the show is for God to watch,
therefore there is always facing the stage towards the front entrance of the temple.

5. At old days, there are always a groups of stalls selling drinks and snacks tag along with the stage.
But for today, the stage will be setup near the stalls.

6. The music playing for the opera are from this 'live band'.

7. I like the way they express the feeling through the body sign and the face.

8. Get to know one of the actor, he invite us to the back stage.
I asked, where are you from? He answered, we are all from Siam.

9. The actress staring at us, she looks so fierce.
So scared, we quickly shoot few shot and then leave the back stage as fast as possible.

10. There are two temples around our neighborhood, and this group is from China.


  1. Oh u fear 'harimau' one.
    next time got tell me. i tried to make it to my kampung one also difficult.

  2. next month still got, i heard.