Saturday, June 18, 2011

Early Spring in Beijing

Beijing is a very cold place, compare to Taiwan and Hong Kong, Beijing is closer to North pole. 20th March 2011, I went to Beijing for vacation with my family. Within that week of our vacation in Beijing, cold wind blows, and blossom get started. We witnessed the early spring of Beijing.

1. Flowers of peach tree is so beautiful. I was so excited when visit the garden of peach trees in Tianjin.

2. It is a restaurant that serves noodles. It was an old building, customers are arranged to sit at the backward.
It was so great to have lunch in the alfresco environment.

3. 798 Art Zone. It is a large area that promotes various arts from various artist.

4. PanJiaYuan (潘家园),a huge flea market selling various stuff including old books, furniture, antiques etc.
Bellow the bridge, tons of old books are stacked on the land waiting for you to flip.

5. I love the scene of walk path towards ming's ancient tomb.
In the early springs, when the leaves are still young, every trees are so brown.

6. Another direction of walk path from the ming's ancient tomb.
Along the road there are various statue of animals and solders guarding the tomb.

7. No doubt that the most beautiful things in spring season is blossom.
We never tired shooting photos on the flowers with MACRO mode.

8. This is the only transportable to lift you up the great wall, unless you don't mind taking few hundreds steps of stair.
We went to MuTianYu (慕田峪),one of the three tourist spot for great wall.

9. Early spring in Beijing is so cold, we never appreciate the sun so much in our homeland.

10. I love the bird nets on top the naked trees. For me it represent the early spring.

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