Saturday, July 2, 2011

Deer Harbour in Taiwan

Deer Harbour, LuKang (鹿港) is an urban township in northwestern ChangHua (彰化) County in Taiwan. LuKang is one of the town I visited during the trip to Taiwan in Dec 2008. It is a famous tourist spot for the local but not foreigners. LuKang have a lots of temples, people usually come here for prayers especially during MA-CHOR Goddess (马祖)celebration day.

1. TianHouGong(天后宫), one of the famous temple near the Hotel we stayed.

2. Although the town was already modernized, but there are still a lots of old houses remain as it is.

3. I love this naked wall so much, it is like a art to me.

4. This is a LuKang museum, you can get to know the LuKang's history better over there.
The girl was playing with a old time toy. Get to play her grandpa and grandma's toy must be making her so happy.

5. Another historical temple at LuKang, Mt. Dragon Temple (龍山寺).

6. Chinese temples are all looks alike. Yeah, this is another one.

7. High school students, they were gathering outside an empty old house.

8. Interior view of the TianHouGong Temple.

9. The whole afternoon, I was walking around the LuKang neighborhood, taking photos.
And I started imaging myself growing up here, riding bicycles, going to school ...

10. I enjoy walking pass various small streets.
These streets are usually narrow, and my mission is to find out the narrowest one.


  1. Great series, my favorites are #1 and the triptych on the bottom is also really good! Lovely colors on all these photos