Saturday, September 15, 2012

Start my journey to street candid

I realized that I like to shoot photo on the street whenever I went outstation for vacation. At first I like to shoot on the crowd with the city street as background. After I got my zoom lens I started to shoot on strangers without them noticing me. At first I didn't know what I do is street candid, I just enjoy shooting this kind of photo, where people reacts naturally on the streets. I was so worry when I realized I enjoy shooting strangers on the street, am I a paparazzi? Until I discovered street candid, I finally relieved.

They are having the parade on the street of Gion, Kyoto Japan. The boy at the back spotted me taking pictures of them.

"Ops, I am sorry"
I am so nervous when he noticed me shooting him and stair me like this. And this stair got a name, it is call the dirty stair.

I was standing far away on the street, shooting it by using a pretty small camera (Nikon J1), yet they still noticed me, but totally okay with it, are they celebrity?

"Ding ding ding"
They are performing on the street, and been surrounding by the crowd. I was standing quite near there shooting photo, therefore the boy looks away.

She didn't aware at all, therefore her smile is beautiful.

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